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Galveston History Tour Guide

experience galveston island history as if you were there!

About Your Guide

George Douglas Lee,

writer, artist, actor, musician, public speaker, published playwright and host of

Electric Theatre Radio Hour.

GEORGE LEE IS the only Galveston tour guide featured in the Smithsonian Channel's 

"Perfect Storms: America's Deadliest Disaster". 

A riveting documentary about one of America's wealthiest cities brought to it's knees by the most horrific disaster.,Thousands dead. Nearly complete destruction.

For a preview of the show:

The History Tour evolved from Lee's interest in the Civil War (he is a first cousin to Robert E. Lee), and combines his study of Galveston history, with his acting talent and affection for the Island to bring you history that comes alive.

George Lee is a "BOI" (born on the island), and old enough to remember the waning days of the infamous "free state of Galveston" (when the town was wide-open, free-wheeling day and night) - a time when organized crime made anything possible... if you had the money. You'll hear about gambling, rum running, bordellos and a Vegas lifestyle on the island, before Las Vegas even existed. Galveston was actually the model for Las Vegas! You'll see and hear the ravages of the killer 1900 storm.

Call 409-370-7350, email [email protected] or visit G. Lee Gallery 2217 Strand, Suite 107-B, Galveston to schedule your tour.

Tours begin at G.Lee Gallery, 2217 Strand, Suite 107-B in air-conditioned comfort. Then our knowledgeable tour guide rides with you and guides you through the Island's history. It really is the BEST tour in Galveston. You'll feel like you were ther

Tours are $25.00 per person. Please call for pricing for Groups, Presentations or Step-on tours. Tour length is two hours.

Contact us for private film showings, event speaker or gathering.

Call 409 370-7350 or email [email protected]

From there to here, and here to there,

funny things are everywhere!

Hear Electric Theatre Radio Hour at



2217 Strand, Suite 107-B

Galveston, TX 77550

409 370-7350

Tour Hours:

Just call and we'll meet your schedule!

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George Douglas Lee visit: